Most solar installation companies often buy high-quality solar leads at a reasonable cost. But the prices often vary from one region to another, making it difficult to know what is considered reasonable. For a company with a small team of fewer than 20 sales reps, there’s a need to maximize every minute.

Well, the sales team can utilize every mechanism at its disposal, including e-mail, text, in-person, or phone. But just how can a company get the best solar leads? This article gives answers to this question and many more.

Check on Per Lead Pricing

Per-lead pricing can change with a big margin depending on the location. In some areas like San Diego, which is rich in solar installers, the cost per lead can rise to as high as $300. On the other hand, a lead generated by a call center in India could sell for as low as $25 per lead.

Consider Organic Solar Leads

In the world of online searches, the term “organic” refers to unpaid Google search results. Most solar consumers trust this search whenever they try to look for information about solar. This method involves just typing some solar keywords that consumers looking for solar use to Google information about solar products.

If you get your site to rank among the organic searches, you can easily attract potential buyers who are looking for solar products online.

Google PPC Could Work Too

If your site doesn’t rank for the top keywords in Google, you can alternatively buy a spot in Google Ads. This method favors both installers and Google but can get expensive very fast. For Google Ads, you need to pay for keywords in a per-click fashion.

While it may be costly at times, many companies use this method to generate several good solar leads because of its high-quality traffic. Besides, Google Ads is an open playing field where you compete against other lead generation companies, affiliate marketers, and other regional solar companies among others.

Build a Strong Social Media Presence

This method leverages the power of social media, especially Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a potential platform to draw a following of homeowners who are interested in solar energy.

As a solar installer, you can generate solar leads from this platform because the homeowners can consider your company when they finally decide. Some of the tips for reaping success on Instagram include regular posting at the right time such as once, twice, or three times a week. You also need to use the right hashtags.

Don’t Sideline Solar Appointments

Solar appointment setting companies such as Solar Exclusive could also help you generate the best solar leads. According to the official website, the company boasts a team of solar marketing experts with several years of experience as solar contractors.

Additionally, Solar Exclusive claims to use methods that empower its customers to leave the traditional marketing techniques and embrace the online generation of pre-qualified appointments. Working and operating solar companies in more than 39 states, the company has generated solar leads in more than 253 markets.

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