Botox is a drug made from toxins produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. The same toxin can cause botulism but can be used in small doses by doctors for the cosmetic benefit and to treat other medical issues. Botox injections work by weakening or paralyzing specific muscles. You can use Botox to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, treat neck spasms, overactive bladder, and lazy eyes. After a successful Arlington Botox treatment, you will gain a youthful and rejuvenated look. Despite the evidence of many benefits, myths and misconceptions are linked to Botox, and here are some.

  1. Botox is immediate

I know you would want a procedure that gives you immediate results. Unluckily, the effects of Botox are gradual. You can see slight changes in the first three days, but full results are visible by the tenth day. You may need to take one or two injections to acquire full results. The effect of Botox treatment on the muscle is not immediate but works as time progresses.

  1. Botox is permanent

Botox will not give you a permanent solution. The results are temporary, of around three to six months. The time results last depend on the patient and the number of times you have received Botox. After the temporal effects, your muscles will return as they were before; hence, wrinkles and facial lines will gradually reappear.

  1. Botox is only for women

Both men and women can benefit from Botox. Men also desire to have an appealing and youthful look. Some men believe wrinkles make them look older and angrier. Currently, men have adopted cosmetic enhancement to give them a younger look and more approachable. Men will tend to take higher doses of Botox as their muscles are more potent.

  1. Botox is just for wrinkles

Botox is used for wrinkles and other medical and therapeutic benefits. Doctors can do Botox injections in the armpits to treat excessive sweating. Botox also reduces muscle tension and decreases the strain put on the nervous system to treat migraine. It has other therapeutic functions, such as lifting eyebrows, softening the jawline, and treating dimpling of the chin.

  1. Botox is not safe

Botox has been used for over twenty years and has been proven safe. The misconception that it is not safe is since the compound is derived from botulinum toxin, which causes food poisoning. Botox is a protein purified from botulinum toxin. Botox is a safe treatment in that only low levels are injected into your body, so it will not cause toxicity. Toxicity occurs when high doses are used. The doctors will only use the amount that will benefit your muscles.

  1. Botox is painful

People believe Botox to be painful, which is not the case. The specialists in Botox ensure the procedure is appropriately carried out, leaving no markings or discoloration on your skin. The specialists are highly skilled, so no pain is incurred. You will get results gradually, having no one notice any changes.

Do not let myths and misconceptions prevent you from getting Botox. Schedule an appointment with an Advanced Plastic Surgery Center to learn more and experience the youth-enhancing effects of Botox.