The tuber is devoured as a starchy vegetable, excellent for dinner. the correct thanks to cook are preponderant to the letter. Below are proven  ways to prepare your potatoes and luxuriate in its awesomeness:


This is one of the safest procedures to cook potatoes. It retains all the biological processes of the potatoes while sustaining their form, texture, and color. The styles of potatoes used are the reds, whites, purple and also the yellow ones; yummylicious. 

TO COOK: Use a basket vogue steamer. just in case you do not have any, you’ll use a cullender and an outsized pot to substitute. Cut your potatoes into fascinating, respectable sizes and prepare them uniformly in a very large basket. Add a moderate quantity of water within the lower pot, then increase the warmth and wait until potatoes are done. Follow this precise method with a cullender and a pot.

Advantage: needs no fats or oils.

Heads up: simply make sure the colander fits into the pot to urge it right.

Supplements: What goes down with steamed potatoes higher than vegetables? opt for your vegetables showing wisdom to steam aboard and save time and energy. You’ll steam potatoes in a microwave, however, I might recommend you follow a cooking utensil. I might conjointly suggest carrots, spinach, broccoli, etc.


So like steaming, however, it still takes up an issue. This is often an awfully indiscriminate method of change of state potatoes, hospitable to all potato species.

Preparing: Wash and cut potatoes into smaller items (ready to serve sizes). Place your potatoes in a very preserved water pot to boil for 20-30 minutes until they’re prepared for consumption. cut back the heat below boiling purpose.

Note: this procedure is a bedrock for different preparation techniques which could demand that you just ought to dry then you’ll come to the pot underneath terribly low heat to transition any excess wetness.

Supplements: Add butter or chives to sauce your items and serve along with your favorite veggies or meat. you’ll save your poached water to form a gravy. 


Could be an extension of the boiling technique; however, it kisses at the tip. Delicious ingredients are coupled together to be enjoyed by several. All potatoes are mashed however russets and whites do a much better job. 

TO COOK: you’ll use bare-ass or unpeeled potatoes, with similar sizes to cook equally. Boil items in very gentle water until it’s done. Then drain and place the potatoes in a very massive bowl, using a hand masher for a sleek output. Add milk, butter, salt, and pepper to style and to form flossy that happens to be everyone’s favorite.

Supplements: do not overbeat your potatoes once victimized by an electrical mixer thus as to not get an awfully sticky output. there’s no excellent direction to mashed potatoes, be the mastermind of yours. create to style your vogue. There are many spices to select from and it makes it all delicious.