Daily I see lots of dealerships purchasing their everyday supplies using their local associations – and having to pay 55% MORE for the very same product. Understandably, dealers wish to support their local associations. Edge In The Game WITH ANNUAL Charges…grossing the dealers only contributes to their main point here – not yours! I have also seen dealerships having to pay HUGE shipping amounts for products purchased online in the same supplier again and again – no discounts are ever requested for or offered. Freight is how most online supply companies make their profit.

Products from vinyl figures, floor mats, stock tags, plate frames, plate inserts, balloons and key tags – whether it’s an item you utilize – purchase in large quantities and SHOP – shop apples to apples!! Also, think ahead for that offsite sales, the onsites sales and just what is going to be needed. Shop the association, the local distributors or perhaps eBay – and the freight cost in your mind. Most local distributors will provide the product straight to you at no cost or perhaps a low fee. Here’s your profit!!! They are your figures.

I recognize the GM’s and GSM’s are very busy people. My suggestion would be to elect one individual (preferably in the industry office) and make a motivation to their compensation plan. You will be surprised about the end result – and also the office personnel is going to be ecstatic using the extra responsibility and compensation! There’s usually one professional shopper within the group – that’s whom you need! This does not need to be time intensive. Have vendors bid via email in your supplies in large quantities and also have distributors email you their monthly specials.

Automotive customers research their product – should not you? The great ole boys club originates and gone – the proof is at the end dollar which reflects on both you and your salary.