Unprecedented changes this year have made blissful occasions isolated. Despite enjoying these celebratory moments behind closed doors with a select few, there is still a way you can remind your loved ones you have them at heart despite the distance. Thanksgiving photo cards are timeless gestures that those part of your academic journey, holiday, or family event will appreciate. During this festive season, thanksgiving comes with conflicting emotions. Mixbook understands the desire to design and send the best card to evoke merry feelings among family and friends. Choose from a wide range of themes, text styles, and photo cards from Mixbook. Top off your card with a custom made envelope. Cards are increasingly gaining popularity in 2021.

Choosing what card you want is equally important to the theme. An attractive card has rich hues that invite even before reading the contents of the card. The overwhelming themes that flood your mind give you limitless options that Mixbook explores and employs in our card designs. Every theme is unique to the occasion. Common themes that the majority of customers like are bohemian, rustic and elegant themes. However, a style you can’t go wrong with is a family-themed card.  Family photos of a recent trip abroad or a newborn baby are wonderful ideas. You can add uniqueness to your card by using a selfie photo. Selfies and self-portraits are still trendy themes to consider.

Themes are incomplete with content pictures and content words. A collage of family events blended with unique writing styles is enough to melt the toughest hearts. If you have limited pictures to choose from, you can blend them with photos from Pinterest and add a black and white filter for a monochromatic theme and retro vibe. Some designers recommend little elves and Santa Claus pictures as filler images. You can carve out the pictures yourself or source free online stickers.

After you choose the pictures and theme you want, how you arrange them is important. If you opt for more pictures, then the suitable orientation is horizontal. However, a portrait or vertical orientation supports fewer pictures. You don’t want pictures masking the message of thanksgiving you intend to pass across. Pictures serve as a prelude to the contents of the card. Choose an appropriate orientation for all card designs you want.

Good paper quality prevents bloating. Mixbook eco-friendly papers offset most of the carob prints cards have. Bamboo, semi-gloss, clear vellum and linen are some of the common card materials. For embossing purposes, a leather card or real foil card may do the trick.  The best material for your card should be sturdy and have a fine surface finish. Super matte finish is increasingly becoming popular among designers, and we recommend it too.


 Choosing and designing your card can be a daunting task. Mixbook free templates allow you to get creative in designing invitation greetings and thanksgiving cards. Sign up today and get a 50% discount as a welcome gift. You can never go wrong with Mixbook photo cards. Restore joyful feelings to your family and friends this festive season.