While planning your wall bookshelves, you must understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Irrespective of how you intend to sort out the organisation, whether, in terms of height, genre or alphabetically, it should look good. Well, that’s what matters, right? Organising your bookshelf is a part of “organising a living room”. If your bookshelf looks clean and well-set, you would like to pick up a book more often than you could think of.

You can level up the aesthetic game of your home just by having a good display of books. Good-looking bookshelves can lift your spirits. While they are maintained in the best possible manner, you will feel homely around them. The organisation of your book collection depends upon the number of books you have.

Let us learn more about different ways to organise your bookshelf below:

Make changes to your book collection

You might be doing it wrong if you try to fit your whole book collection on the bookshelf or your table furniture. This can lead to a mess and a haphazard arrangement of your books. So, start with a good decluttering session. Commence the process by emptying the shelves and cleaning them thoroughly. If you follow the KonMari method, you will see that it always recommends keeping the books that make you happy and belong to your interests. You can either donate or gift the other books.

Place the books in an alphabetical order

There are certain kinds of orders in which you can keep your books on the bookshelves; one is the alphabetical order. This order makes the most sense when storing your books most finely. You might not find this arrangement creative, but trust us; it will make it easier to find the books you’re looking for. There are two possibilities. You can either sort the books to the alphabetical order of their titles, or you can sort them according to the alphabetical order of the author’s names.

Group the books based on genre

If you habitually pick up books based on your mood, you should organise the books according to their genre. Make sure you keep it simple by breaking down things into various categories like action, mystery, romance, etc. However, there might be some chances of a cross-over in this case. Thus, you would have to keep a record of your book list somewhere.

Opt for the rainbow effect.

Yes, you read it right. The rainbow effect of organising your bookshelf means sorting the bookshelf based on the “colour order”. This might not seem practical for some, but this organisation will make your overall wall bookshelves look appealing. You can opt for placing the dark-coloured books first and then move on to placing those with light covers. Another idea is to keep the navy, black and charcoal coloured books on the top, the white coloured books on the bottom shelf and other coloured books in between.

Reserve a special space for your favourite books.

You can create a small corner for your favourite books, which you might regularly pick up and read. They should be kept separately from your notable primary space for other books. Make sure that your favourite books’ section is within easy reach. It could be in the middle, or on the top, depending on your height. You can use dividers or other objects to separate your favourite books’ section from the regular section. Those who are avid readers would find this trick quite helpful since they can easily group the “not-yet-read” books separately and read them whenever they want to.


If you are an avid reader, you might understand that you start purchasing next once you’re done reading a book. This way, the books keep piling up and get shoved at every nook and corner of your house. Here comes the role of a bookshelf where you can easily organise your books in the best possible way. The above tricks can easily be used to organise your bookshelf once and for all.