“No” is the straightforward response, yet there is more to the “no” than meets the eye. Let’s go over the fundamentals of changing a tax return.

After submitting your taxes, you might need to update your tax return if you find a mistake. If your filing status, income, deductions, or credits change, you must file an updated return. It is more typical than you might believe in facing errors on a tax return since humans can readily misread definitions of terms and expectations. This is a reality as receipts are lost, records are jumbled, or the exclamation: “I thought you saved that record.”

If your filing status, income, deductions, or credits change, you can and ought to file an updated return.

Please remember that the IRS may have already fixed any math or typing problems on a return. In addition, they might accept returns without a few necessary schedules or forms.

Your tax liability could increase or decrease as a result of filing an updated return. Your state tax obligation may change in either scenario. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, speak with your CPA in Southwest Florida for advice on how to amend your state tax return.

Here are some crucial pointers if you need to modify a tax return:

Consider using the Interactive Tax Assistant. Should I File an Amended Return? A tax calculator on the web can assist you in deciding if you should amend your return to fix an error or make other changes. Please let us know if you decide to change your return once you have made that decision; we would be pleased to assist you.

For the 2018 tax year, hold off on filing for a corrected refund. Waiting to file Form 1040X to request an additional refund if you are expecting a refund from your first 2018 tax return is advised. Do not rush the processing of amended returns, which could take up to 16 weeks.

Make a paper file. You can check whether you need to amend your tax return online, but you must use Form 1040X Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return to make the necessary changes.

Errors should be amended. You should file an updated tax return if you want to make modifications or fix problems on your original tax return. To modify your filing status, you need to amend your return. To rectify your income, deductions, and credits, you should also file a 1040X.