During the process of food handling, freezer spacers can commonly be used for speeding up blast freezing. All that is needed is simply placing a certain freezer spacer in between each layer of items on a pallet that can reduce the time needed for your blast freezing by 30%.

If you ever need to either insert or remove a freezer spacer from your load, Top Industries can offer a freezer spacer removal system.

Food and other perishable commodities can be sensitive to freeze, needing particular knowledge, experience, and also material handling equipment. If your product is harmed by extremely cold temperature, you could be looking at huge losses, if you don’t have the necessary equipment.

It is advantageous to have a dependable provider for the high-end solutions required for secure and effective food handling.

There are plastic freezer spacers with specialised designs that can survive the sub-zero temperatures required to safely store food. These plastic freezer spacers offer the necessary airflow, are simple to sterilise, and are authorised for direct food contact.

Additionally, they can safely support the weight of frozen goods heaped on them and can continue to be structurally sound over time.

The elevated portions of plastic freezer spacers have hollow interiors that let cold air pass between your containers, enabling speedy and even freezing of your food.

No issue with how many containers you may have stacked, these freezer spacers that are certified for use with food will provide exceptional consistency and dependability.

How to use freezing spacers

Fridge spacers are simple to use! As you will pack the items on a pallet, merely add a freezer spacer in between each level of the items.

With the spacers in between each packed layer, more air can flow through the palletized load, enhancing the speed and effectiveness of the goods’ freezing.

When handling food goods that need to be frozen during the process of material handling, freezer spacers are crucial.

Keep your food products safe with plastic freezer spacers

The requirements for handling and freezing food and products connected to food are set by government regulations.

Plastic freezer spacers are specifically created for enhanced freezing to provide quick and consistent freezing.

1. Airflow

The chill atmosphere and stagnant air might interfere with your production process in a number of ways. Shelving and solid pallets prevent airflow.

Plastic freezer spacers’ clever egg-crate construction allows air to flow freely throughout and in between the spacers, offering you the best overall freezing time and cooldown profile possible across your freezer.

2. Cleanliness

Plastic is bacterial growth resistant, hygienic, and simple to clean. These plastic freezer spacers can be washed in between usage and stacked until you need them again.

3. Strength

The choice of plastics for the plastic freezer spacers is based on how resilient they are to stress and wear, even when cooled. These plastic materials are made to endure temperatures well below zero and are already accustomed to freezing.

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