The suspension system in an automobile is important as it ensures that the wheels remain in contact with the road as much as possible. When you opt for a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy, you purchase coverage for damages to your vehicle in addition to third-party liability coverage. Despite its name, a comprehensive car insurance policy does not offer coverage for all kinds of damages to the insured car and has a list of inclusions and exclusions. Today, we will discuss the suspension system in automobiles and look at whether a bumper-to-bumper motor car insurance policy covers suspension.

Understanding the Suspension System in Automobile

The suspension system is the part of the car that counters the unwanted forces faced by a driver while driving due to bad road conditions. It usually includes the tyre, tubes, shock absorbers, and springs, and connects the wheels to the vehicle. The design of the front and rear suspension of a car can be different depending on its model. A good suspension system also helps protect the tyres from regular wear and tear.

What Can Damage the Suspension System in Automobiles?

Here are some common things that can damage the suspension system in automobiles:

  1. Using brakes carelessly: If you brake too hard, then the tyres get locked and the ABS system is confronted. This can damage the suspension system over time.
  2. Not slowing down at speed bumps: Many people try to fly over speed bumps without slowing down. This can cause instant damage to the vehicle’s suspension system.
  3. Overloading the car: Every car has a permissible weight limit. If you overload the car, then you will create a strain on its suspension system that can get damaged over time.
  4. Not servicing the car: Your car needs regular servicing, including its suspension system. Failing to get it serviced can result in the malfunction of your car.
  5. Reckless driving: Different types of cars are designed with suspension systems to handle the stress of certain terrains. For example, a city car will not be able to handle the rough mountain terrain.

Does Four-wheeler Insurance Cover Suspension?

When you opt for a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy, you get coverage for third-party liabilities and damages to the insured car due to accidents, mishaps, theft, fire, natural calamities, and man-made calamities. It is important to remember that damage due to wear and tear is not covered under such policies. Also, most providers offering insurance for cars offer 50% of the replacement cost of tyres and tubes if they are damaged due to an accident or mishap. For complete coverage, you can opt for a zero depreciation cover or also known as bumper to bumper cover.

In a nutshell, any damage to the car’s suspension system due to an accident, mishap, natural disaster, or man-made disaster is usually covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy. Damage due to wear and tear is not covered. Make sure that you go through the policy documents to understand the scope and extent of the coverage offered by the policy.

Providers offering car insurance plans in India offer a range of add-on covers to help you customise the cover to get complete protection for your vehicle. You can go through the add-on covers to get the best protection for your car.


Remember, comprehensive car insurance plans are designed to offer coverage for damages to your car too. You can also choose add-on covers to customise the policy as per your needs. However, these policies do not cover damages due to wear and tear. Before you buy a policy, make sure that you compare providers and plans and use an online car insurance calculator to find the most cost-efficient four-wheeler insurance plan for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is covered in bumper-to-bumper insurance?

Bumper-to-Bumper car insurance is an add-on cover that is also popularly known as Zero Depreciation Cover. When you opt for this cover, you get coverage for damage to your car irrespective of the depreciation of its parts.

Q2. How many times can we claim bumper to bumper insurance?

Under a standard car insurance policy, the policyholder can file any number of claims during the policy term. When you opt for a Zero Depreciation Cover, the number of claims is restricted. The maximum number of times you can file a claim under bumper to bumper car insurance can vary from one insurance provider to another. Hence, make sure that you talk to the insurer before making the purchase.