If you depend on tools to get your job done, you can bet with me that it comes down to the brand that has your trust. When your business is heavily relying on productivity, when you are working on a tight schedule, when the work is hard-hitting, and the specs are demanding – then you have to trust your tools to get the job done. You also need to bank on the company that has made those tools. When it comes to Snap-On industrial tools, the story is no different. Today, we are going to discuss everything Snap-on Tools.

What are Snap-on Industrial Tools?

Snap-on Industrial is a division of the Snap-on incorporated brand – a leading global innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of tools, diagnostics, equipment, software, and service solutions for professional users. They manufacture high-end tools and equipment for professional use in the transportation industry, including the automotive, heavy-duty, equipment, marine, aviation, and railroad industries. They also distribute low-end tools under the brand name Blue-Point. Thus, Snap-on industrial tools are industrial tools from the Snap-on Brand.

Where are Snap-On Tools Made?

Snap-on Tools are made here in the United States. Many of the Snap-on’s hand tools are manufactured in Milwaukee and locations in the U.S. However, some of their products, like cordless power drill kits, are manufactured in China and other nations. The following is a list of all Snap-on manufacturing facilities in the country:

Algona, Iowa

Carol Stream, Illinois

City of Industry, California

Conway, Arkansas

Elizabeth, Tennessee

Elkmont, Alabama

Do Snap-on Tools have a Warranty?

Snap-on Brand hand tools and tool storage units have a lifetime warranty – it lasts as long as you own the tool. Snap-on brand meters, power tools, and electronic diagnostic products warranty is one year from the year of purchase. You can, however, access warranty information by contacting Snap-On customer care. In case of any anomalies, the company can give refunds. This is only applicable if the anomaly occurs within the warranty period.

Are Snap-on Tools Worth it?

Snap-on is a reputable brand in the industry, so you can bank on it. The brand is widely known for its wrenches and hand tools. Over time, they have increased their product range, and they are currently focusing on equipment for transportation industries like aviation, heavy-duty vehicles, automotive, military and defense, and railroads. The Snap-On brand is a sign of professionalism that inspires confidence in persons who conducts jobs that can’t take anything but the best. Their tools are manufactured with safety at heart. Hence, Snap-on is a brand with pride and dignity. You can rest assured of nothing but quality from the Snap-on industrial tools.

In conclusion, as already mentioned, Snap-on also sells low-end tools in a brand known as Blue Point. Therefore, if you use cheap tools, you also have a place in the brand. As is evident, Snap-on industrial tools are high-quality tools that assure quality. Suncoast Tools is also another brand that sells high-quality cutting tools. You can visit suncasttools.com for more information.