The reason behind why billions of people just do not rely on but love, to continue with integrated, easy-to-use, and extensible tools, as the whole firebase team is committed to giving you a great experience. Get to know more on Firebase open source.

From global enterprise to star up business every month millions of apps actively use Firebase, which is created by all sizes of businesses. What makes them make firebase even better? Well, it’s the people trust and faith that people shows on firebase that motivates and inspires them to make Firebase a better working experience. Nowadays, to help you hasten app development, scale with proficiency and run your app with confidence, firebase is ready to serve you exposure updated to the platform as firebase is coming up as a virtual event. Read further to get more details on what’s new in the firebase.

With new building blocks get hasten app development

For what Firebase is? Well by providing fully-managed infrastructure helps to get your app up and run faster with an aerodynamic experience, which lets you focus on important.

Introducing in less time new extensions for adding critical e-commerce features. To let you add functionality to your app in lesser steps and automate common development tasks, the Firebase extension helps you as a pre-packed bunch of codes. To integrate with multiple services without learning new APIs they have been contracting with the companies you know and trust on. Not even this, they have recently launched a new feature that permits you to accept the above 15 divergent payment methods. These different payment methods include bank redirects; buy now pay later enclosed in your app and wallets.

Also ready to disclose new Extensions for attaching analytical e-commerce features in less time to your app. Now the question comes what do these extensions do? Well, these extensions help you ship and track merchandise with few search engines, and lay on the users who abandon their shopping cart.

If you’re launching your app internationally then, to accept payments from multiple providers it is better to add a single interface through Google Pay – which is very handy to use. For further details, search for the Firebase Extensions page and get it now!