How do you protect your business from cybercriminals lurking around you as a company owner? Nowadays, it is easier to hack and spy on things online since the activity can be done digitally. The attackers don’t need to be physically present during illegal action. You may answer differently, but one thing is for sure -you are doing something to protect your business, either clients or employees.

As the pandemic hits, keeping any of your information private becomes essential. Many entrepreneurs adopted the mobile archiving solution to monitor text and call recordings. Today, more than 80% of the world’s workforce is mobile—the more reason to quickly grasp what’s needed to be taken care of.

Importance of a Unified Archiving System 

The paramount importance of a unified archiving system is to avoid information leakage that can lead to the duplication of mobile communications. It is also vital as this allows you to search all relevant mobile messages from one central repository for regulatory audits.

The Best Way for Regulated Companies to Allow Mobile Messaging

Mobile archiving solutions must be compliant with the recordkeeping requirements for regulated businesses. By using an advanced mobile archive tool, companies can improve their litigation readiness by increasing eDiscovery and simplifying the monitoring of text messages. 

Meanwhile, people value their privacy as much as they protect their inner peace. Even employees are subjected to this kind of privacy. However, other surveillance firms use signal call recording to monitor work hours.

Other companies use a different approach to developing a messaging app for financial firms. It is an app that acts as a recording channel between the firm’s client-side and multiple encrypted messaging apps. But it should still undergo signal compliance.

For more information about how to allow mobile messaging in your regulated firm confidently, check this infographic from TeleMessage.