Singaporeans who plan to drive in other nations are advised to obtain an international driver’s licence.

Inquiring as to whether or not you plan to travel via automobile. Well done! Having the freedom to explore towns at your own leisure, to get lost while driving, and to make spontaneous discoveries with your travel companions is all part of the adventure.

However, did you know that an International Driving Permit (IDP) may be necessary in several countries? If you are unsure of how to apply for one or if you even need one, keep reading this post.

What does it mean to have a licence valid in many countries?

The IDP contains driving terminology in a range of languages, making it easier to communicate with car rental agencies and other authorities. The United Nations Convention on Road Traffic recognises only the international driver’s license as a valid legal document (IDP).

Can you ask you why you need a licence that is valid in more than one country?

Some examples of when the IDP might be useful are as follows:

  • Rent a Car
  • Breaking traffic regulations
  • Incidents in Traffic
  • Automobile insurance claims
  • Look at the driver’s ID and make sure they match up with their registration.

What are the conditions for obtaining an International Driving Permit?

A valid driver’s licence issued by the government of Singapore must be presented by all applicants.

Applicants must provide both an NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) and a valid Singapore driver’s licence.

An IDP application must be submitted in the same country that granted the applicant’s driver’s licence of record.

In which countries is an international driver’s permit required?

The International Driving Permit is legitimate in all of these countries. Keep in mind that the International Driving Permit is not recognised in China, Cambodia, Myanmar, or Vietnam.

A Singaporean driver’s licence is valid in most countries, but an International Driving Permit is required if you plan to drive in a country where English is not the official language.

Some common travel destinations that require an additional international driver’s licence are as follows:

  • Japan
  • Korea, South (de)
  • Taiwan
  • America (United States) (United States)
  • Selected Member States of the European Union (eg. France, Italy, Spain)

If you currently have a valid driver’s licence from Singapore, you won’t need to get an international driver’s licence, as this licence is recognised in a wide variety of countries.

The following countries’ drivers are exempt from the need to obtain an additional International Driving Permit:

  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • A New Zealand (
  • Philippines
  • Thailand

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What are the steps one must take to apply for an international driver’s licence?

Applying via the web-based application

The website of the Automobile Association of Singapore is one place where you can apply for an International Driving Permit.

The whole process won’t take more than ten minutes, and you’ll just need these materials:

  • One colour, front and back, NRIC photo, passport size
  • A Singaporean driver’s licence, front and back.

The current application fee is $20, and it can be paid online with a credit or debit card.

Delivery via courier service will expedite your package’s arrival, but it will cost an additional $5.50, which will be added to your total before you complete your purchase.

For how long do you have to renew your International Driving Permit if you want to continue using it abroad?

Your International Driver’s Permit will only be valid for one year from the date it was issued. You’ll need to bring your Singaporean driver’s licence in addition to your IDP.

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