Playing free casino games online is great risk-free entertainment. But is it legal? Most locations permit free play under certain conditions. Here’s a guide to safely playing free online casino games within the law.

Check local gambling laws

The legality of free online casino games depends largely on your specific jurisdiction. Most regulate real money gambling but are silent on free play. However, confirm your local laws expressly allow simulated gambling. Never assume free play is automatically legal. Look up your country, state, or province laws to verify free casino games are not prohibited or in a gray area. It should state clearly free play is permitted.

Legit regulated casino sites

top 10 online casinos playing at that is properly licensed and regulated in your country before downloading free-play. Avoid any unauthorized offshore casinos. Regulated casinos with free-play modes have passed licensing and compliance requirements in your area. It gives you legal assurance. Unregulated offshore sites put you at risk.

Avoid real money transferring

When playing free casino games online, make sure you never deposit or cash out any actual funds. Real money transactions may constitute illegal gambling based on laws. Never provide payment details. You can use the casino’s free play credits only with no actual money involved. Free play should require just your username and login.

Don’t claim real-money promotions

Online casinos may offer free play bonus credits or spins alongside real money promotions. Do not redeem or claim bonuses meant for real wagering that could involve actual deposits or winnings. Stay clear of any promotions implying real money play. Only use bonuses specifically for free simulated play like free credits and spins without cashout ability.

Should not profit

Free play should never result in you profiting actual money, only playing credits that are cashed out. Make sure the free play is untethered from any real money aspect. Never try to exploit free play for real profit in unauthorized ways like selling accounts. It likely constitutes illegal gambling. Only play purely for entertainment, not profit.

Public Wi-Fi or networks

To ensure you don’t run into IP location issues, make sure you’re using your private internet connection when accessing free play modes. Avoid public Wi-Fi or shared networks.  Playing on open public connections causes geo-tracking problems leading to access blocks or restrictions. For legal compliance, always play on your network.

Moderation and responsibility still apply

Though not gambling for real money, free play should still be treated responsibly as entertainment. Avoid excessive play and make sure it does not impact other obligations negatively. As with paid games, set limits on play sessions and take breaks periodically. Just because it’s free does not mean moderation isn’t important.

Don’t play where banned

If you attempt to access free play in a jurisdiction that prohibits online casino gaming entirely, you may face consequences like account suspension, fines, or criminal charges.  Never try circumventing outright gambling bans by playing online for free where completely illegal. Only play free web-based games where approved legally.