Beauty is the number one thing that ladies focus on today. It is entirely normal and helpful for them to preserve their beauty. On that occasion, they often visit beauty salons where they can find many affordable beauty treatments that can help them nurture their face, body, and hair. They usually visit beauty salons on weekends because these are the periods of the week when every lady is free from work responsibilities and her duties at home. That’s why they make an appointment on Saturday or Sunday at their favourite beauty salon, such as this semi permanent makeup London salon , where they enjoy the day.

What do they usually do? People focus on a different part of their body, but most focus on almost the entire body. They visit for various reasons such as haircuts, hair dyes, styling, and hair treatments. Additionally, they offer body treatments including relaxation, anti-cellulite, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and facial treatments. These may include eyebrow treatments, facial hair removal, facial cleansing, permanent makeup, and eyelash extensions. Recently, eyelash treatments, particularly extensions, have gained popularity.

Every woman desires thick lashes as they can be shaped and manipulated. They can be natural or achieved through extensions. So, what exactly are extensions? Typically, they are silk hairs that are carefully prepared and not harmful. They are placed on the eyelid at the roots where natural lashes grow. The cost of this treatment is reasonable, making it an attractive option for women facing eyelash growth issues due to mascara use. However, what should be done after getting extensions? Many women wonder about this. If you’re one of them, don’t worry! We’ve prepared an article to guide you on how to care for your extensions immediately after the treatment.

Do not wash the eye area with water for the next 48 hours after the treatment. Wondering why this is so? This is because the upgrade is primarily done with a special glue that takes some time to dry completely and attach to the skin for the lashes to look natural. Otherwise, most of the glues are quality, and after 12 hours, they are already firmly dried, but some are not so good therefore, the recommendation is to be careful for up to 48 hours.

Remember to avoid touching or plucking the lashes. You should not touch the lashes frequently as it is not good for the extensions. Wondering why? Here’s an example to explain. Just recall how many times you pulled a single lash with minimal effort and it tore off your eyelid. This happened because the hair is fragile. The artificial hairs are delicate because they are attached to the eyelid with glue and not naturally grown from the root of the eyelid. Therefore, be careful, take care of them, and appreciate the beautiful view they provide. Lashes can enhance the beauty of your face, so enjoy them.

Remember to brush your upgraded lashes regularly with a small brush, especially if you have Russian lashes extensions. Just like you would with natural lashes, it’s important to maintain them to keep them looking beautiful and luxurious. Many people don’t brush their lashes, which can lead to damage and loss. Now that you have upgraded lashes, it’s essential to brush them daily with a special brush, preferably in the morning before applying mascara. Be gentle when applying mascara, as the brushes can be rougher than those used for regular brushing.

After getting silk hair extensions, it’s important to avoid applying oils around the eyes. While taking care of your face is fine, be extra cautious when using face creams or lotions near the eyes, especially on the eyelids. The glue used for the extensions can weaken if it comes into contact with the oils in the creams, which could cause the extensions to fall out. So, it’s crucial to be careful with the application of creams around the eye area to ensure that the extensions stay in place.

We highly recommend switching to a satin or silk pillowcase. Once you’ve made this change, it’s best to stop using regular pillowcases altogether and opt for satin or silk ones instead. This is mainly because these materials are gentle on the skin and can also help maintain hair extensions by preventing new hair from falling out.

By following these recommendations and taking them into account, you will take care of your new lashes in the best way. With that, you will not allow yourself to lose the newly added glow of your face, which will captivate everyone around you with its beauty. Enjoy the beauty you shine with and show others how much charm lies within you.