Using a pawn shop these days is prevalent to buy or sell goods. Still, it is also a place to borrow money against valuable items. The pawnbroker will keep your luxurious jewellery pieces in security until you repay the loan. 

You can also sell those pieces like your antiques, brand watches, and more. All of these are popular items if you want fast cash. However, again, you get low rates and interest for loans, while selling leaves you with a reasonable amount of money in your pocket. 

Now, you may have heard that a pawn shop is a place where you go to a fishy strip mall to deal with a pawnbroker to buy your grandmothers jewellery and more. Yet, did you know you can find different pawnshops in a wide selection of categories? 

The High-End Pawn Shop 

Yes, you find the high-end pawnshop similar to your regular one, but we will share differences with you. Your traditional pawnbroker deals in common with small brands. Nevertheless, a high-end pawn shop Melbourne provider buys and sells high name brands in jewellery and watches. 

You find handcrafted to designer brands from Tiffany to Rolex. However, wealthy people also face phases in their lives where they need fast cash and loan against their valuable items or sell them. You will not see them walking in a regular pawn shop; no, they use high-end pawnbrokers to buy their brands. 

Perhaps the wealthy people could not get a short notice loan from the bank, and where is the next best place to go, the pawnshop. For example, a watch collector would provide a few of his timepieces as collateral for a loan or sell them to expand his watch collection to buy new brand watches. 

The same applies to people who collect designer jewellery or bags as a hobby. Then, when the time comes to rid them, they look at high-end pawn shops. So, why not become as smart as the wealthy people, when you are in need of cash. 

Sell To High-End Pawnbrokers 

Yes, you too can be as intelligent as the person with all his wealth next door. For example, if you have a Tiffany gold diamond ring selling it to a high-end pawn shop can bring in a lot of instant cash. The important thing is to take along the certificate and know the value of your setting and cut. 

If you have the original box, the ring came in even better. High-end pawnshops pay high prices if you can authenticate the diamond cut and precious metal in the jewellery. Still, if you do not want to part with your unique item, you always can loan money against it. Still, make sure you can repay it, or you may end up losing your valuable item. 

Then you can search online pawnbrokers near me or pawn shops in Melbourne to find a reliable pawnshop to sell your goods. Make sure to check each ones credentials and reviews to know that you have reached the right place.