Since the pandemic began in 2020, travel has become complicated worldwide. Before, passports and visas is the only requirements to travel from one country to another, but now, travel rules have drastically changed.

In Europe, people raise inquiries about whether they could have a trip to the country with their vaccination card as proof of being fully vaccinated. The answer is that on the 1st of Jul y 2021, EUDCC or the European Union’s Digital Certificate has been used effectively by all EU citizens and other specific travellers from 3rd world countries—it’s a yes! And a total of 21 EU state members, and three non-EU Schengen Area countries use the same certificate implementation.

Does this mean that there is no more need for a fit to fly COVID test or a Rapid Antigen Test for Travel? Well, read on, and let’s see what this means to travellers like you and me.

What is an EU COVID-19 Passport?

This travel certificate is a one-page document for EU nationals that are already fully vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Among the accepted vaccines as told by the European Medicines Agency are the following: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen.

To obtain the certificate, an EU national must have obtained a negative result in their PCR or rapid antigen test that has recovered from the virus, or those fully vaccinated in the last six months.

This EU COVID-19 passport aims to give back to the people the freedom to travel.

How Can Travellers Use the EU Vaccination Passport?

It’s simple. Travellers only need to bring with them their COVID-19 certificate either in print or digital form. It grants free movement inside the EU and must be presented at border controls. Failure to carry the said passport can result in mandatory testing and quarantine.

For more information about the EU COVID-19 Passport, read on through this infographic entitled: Can I Now Travel to Europe Without a Vaccination Card? by Harley Medic International.