Spicejet is the most economically compatible airline connecting different parts of the country. With each of its aircraft embedded with passenger-friendly features, Spicejet also provides ample assistance for people with special needs. The facilities under this scheme can be availed by selecting the option during flight booking. Every airline provides this opportunity and the passengers can also opt for these while undergoing their online check-in.

 In this aspect, one can visit the Intermiles website and pay an additional token amount to avail of this facility. However, there are certain key things to know before booking the facility for the Spicejet Flight Passengers with special needs. The prime ones are listed below.  

On-Board Facilities

There are mainly two types of services available for specially-abled people on Spicejet flights. These include assistance to and from the lavatories and making necessary arrangements for food consumption. However, if the passenger requests for certain needs like particular choices for food and drink, assistance inside the lavatory and administering medication, it is recommended that they travel with a caretaker or attendant to look after these. Please note that the crew members are trained to manage disasters during flight, but might be unable to help you with specific needs. 

Seating and reservation charts are prepared to allow the most comfortable seats for specially-abled persons. However, this can also be modified during web check-in. The seats allotted are close to the accessible lavatories and assistance is always provided to them. 

Due to certain security policies of the airline, handicapped passengers with dysfunctional mobility will seldom be allowed to select an aisle or seat in the row of the emergency exits. This is done to prevent them from obstructing urgent evacuations and crew emergencies. 

Ground and in-flight services for Wheelchair

If a passenger requests a wheelchair, Spicejet has every facility to provide you with the best of its services. However, you will have to notify this either while flight booking, web check-in, or offline check-in at the airport. A comfortable wheelchair with an attendant is provided at no additional costs and these attendants are trained well to prevent your disability from being a hindrance to a good flight. The attendant might seek to clarify a few details about you to provide you with exactly what is needed. However, they might charge a little to provide you with this facility. 

The chargeable services include transferring a passenger from a wheelchair to the seat and the Ambulift. Please note that Ambulift services are available only at certain airports in metropolitan cities. If you are travelling in a group that has a good number of members requiring Special Assistance, consider contacting the Spicejet Reservations at the earliest (best before 48 hours of scheduled departure). For an Ambulift, inform the flight and airport authorities at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Policies for POCs (Portable Oxygen Concentrators)

Portable oxygen concentrators are allowed on flights. They are mostly kept along with hand baggage, and you may also reserve a seat for it to keep using the device. There are airline-specified dimensions for a POC to be taken as hand baggage. If it is made to go along with the checked baggage, there are no height and width dimensions to be taken care of. The weight of the concentrator needs to be less than the benchmark, exceeding which will debar the Portable Oxygen Concentrator to be carried on board. 

Excluding the rows containing the doors for emergency exit, passengers with Oxygen Concentrators will be allotted window seats by the airline. This is done to ensure that the concerned passenger does not feel suffocated during the flight.

Some of the POCs that are permitted by the authorities to be carried on-board as hand baggage include:

  • AirSep Freestyle
  • AirSep LifeStyle
  • Delphi RS-00400
  • AirSep Freestyle 5
  • Invacare XPO
  • Precision Medical EasyPulse

Similarly, there is a list of oxygen concentrators that can be checked in along with other baggage. Please note that these lists have been prepared to keep in mind the best functioning of the aircraft. If you are booking domestic or international tickets through Intermiles, you will be briefed about the special services which are supposed to be offered in the city of departure, during the flight, and at the destination airport. Intermiles also contains direct links for redirecting you to the airline’s official website so that passengers can double-check with their queries. 

For people with Mental Disorders and Epilepsy

Please remember that the carriage of people with the above-mentioned disorders is prohibited in a Spicejet aircraft. However, they will be exempted from this prohibition provided they satisfy some criteria. These include:

  • The concerned passenger has not taken alcohol at least 12 hours before the departure.
  • They are kept sedated during the entirety of the course of the flight, in case of sudden excitement episodes.
  • They have an official medical note with the doctor’s signature and stamp that will state their fitness to fly. Note that the Fit to Fly form (filled and updated 48 hours before departure) needs to be carried along with this note while boarding.

This is pretty much everything passengers need to know before availing of special assistance on a Spicejet flight booking. The airline is completely dedicated to passenger satisfaction and every rule has been formulated keeping the same in mind. Also, to assure an economical journey Spicejet offers comfortable discounts on its airfares including busy routes like Mumbai to Hyderabad flights, Kolkata to Delhi flights, Mumbai to Goa flights, Bangalore to Chennai flights and more.