BBQs 2U is the company that has been actively offering the best products to grilling and BBQ enthusiasts in the UK. As a matter of fact, they have been around for more than 2 decades now. They market products that are made by the trusted BBQ makers in the United Kingdom namely, Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Ooni, etc. People prefer buying from BBQs 2U because they can expect the best after-sales support.

Whether you’re an avid BBQ professional or an amateur, cooking with charcoal has always appealed everyone. Napoleon’s charcoal grills include a model that meets all needs, from the interesting large, extra-large Charcoal Professional model in stainless steel to the well-loved Kettle BBQ series with its elegant design.

The standard features of Napoleon Charcoal BBQs include:

  • ACCU-PROBE with in-build temperature gauge.
  • Corner hinged lid (PRO22K-LEG and PRO22K CART).
  • Large, flexible Ash catcher made of heavy-duty steel.
  • Cast iron grid for cooking on the LEG and CART polished stainless steel in chrome grid for cooking in the NK22K LEG

Kamado Joe Bundle UK– GIFTS – FREE Kamado Joe

Save a lot of money! Add the Kamado Joe grill model you want to your cart, and the complimentary gifts will be delivered along with your purchase. Be assured that if the gifts will not be billed in your shopping cart if you go or the Kamado Joe Bundle UK offer-.

  • FREE – Kamado Joe Classic Cover
  • FREE – Kamado Joe Griddle
  • FREE – Kamado Big Block XL Lump wood Charcoal 9Kg
  • FREE – Flamers Natural Firelighters
  • FREE – Kamado Joe Wood Chunks

PS75 Wine Voucher!

*Gifts are limited to one per customer until stocks are gone. Gift promotions are often popular, and while we try our best to make sure that everyone receives them, there could be occasions when the contents of the gift could be substituted, or we run out of stock and are therefore unable to fulfil the gift promotion.

Kamado grills have thicker walls that hold heat more efficiently than other grills. After being pre-heated, Kamado grills are incredibly stable and can cook at both high and low temperatures as long as the grill is equipped with carbon and oxygen. Kamado grills are long-lasting and typically made of ceramic compounds.

Kamado grills derive names from the phrase that refers to a traditional Japanese charcoal or wood-burning cooker known as a kamado. The traditional kamado was constructed out of clay or another ceramic material to create a vessel, and an “egg” like vessel, like a tandoor. Its round shape and robust construction gave it unique cooking advantages.

Ceramic grills are the most effective kamado grills regarding durability, temperature control, and flexibility, and they are an investment to last for many decades to come.

Its Kamado Joe Classic II is the most recent grill in the Kamado Joe Range. In keeping with the highest quality of craftsmanship and the innovative design associated with Kamado Joe, this grill comes loaded with modern features, making it the most modern kamado grill on the market today.

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