Companies are looking for skilled candidates, but they are confused whether they need to open up a permanent or a temporary position.

Many years ago, almost 30,000 full-time jobs vanished, and part-time positions jumped up almost 45,000. Since we’re talking about Canada, there’s always a need for healthcare workers. Due to the pandemic and other chronic diseases, there was an increase in healthcare job – both permanent and temp.

There are different pros and cons of temp and permanent jobs. This article will highlight the difference. In fact, we will be highlighting the pros and cons for both employers and candidates. Let’s get started!

  • Pros of Temp Employment

For employers: Hiring temp workers is lucrative for companies because they can easily fit extra positions. In case someone goes on a maternity leave or quits, someone else can fill the shoes. Also, it is a good testing period. Employers can check whether the new employee is fit for the company.

For employees: If you’re working as a temp employee, you will gain a lot of experience and also valuable skills. It’s a good learning experience. You have a lot more flexibility too. The employee can leave the company based on the needs and wants. Temp employees don’t have to go through a lot of office politics or compete for a particular position.

  • Cons of Temp Employment

For employers: Training a temporary worker takes time. Also, the employee might be less motivated when working as a temp worker. But, don’t let that dishearten you. A good employment agency can take care of this part. They will help you hire someone who is serious about the work.

For employees: Finding a new temp job can be grueling. However, you can check out temp jobs at There are many opportunities for the right candidates.

  • Pros of Permanent Employment

For employers: There is stability and workers feel a lot more invested in you and the company.

For employees: Everyone likes job security. If you are doing your job brilliantly, the company would like to keep you forever. And of course, you will be growing as the company progresses.

  • Cons of Permanent Employment

For employers: If the employee you hire is not as skilled, you will have to face extreme financial loss. Let’s not forget it’s a waste of time to have employees who don’t work.

For employees: Some employees may feel they have been wasting all the years. They don’t see any growth; thus, it pulls them down a little.

Summing up

Both temp and permanent employment have their share of pros and cons.

If you’re looking for the right candidates, give the job to an employment agency. In case you are finding the right kind of job posting in Canada, you are still going to skim through the website.