If you see bloody discharge or abscess oozing out from your tail bone cavity, it means you have a pilonidal cyst and it’s infected. The infection is the main cause of the bloody discharge and all that pain you suffer from. There are a lot of people who start their day with the bleeding and pain in their back and all just because of this cyst, so it’s not a good idea to ignore it. You must consult a good pilonidal cyst specialist near me who is experienced enough to provide you with the best treatment.

He is the person who can help you understand this condition properly & give you all details related to the cyst. Even if you are frustrated because of the recurrence of this cyst, he is there to remove it permanently and fix all the issues related to it.

However, have you thought about how these specialists remove the pilonidal cyst permanently!

Let’s discuss one of the latest treatment procedures that have shown brilliant results and speedy recovery in almost all cases.

Laser Treatment for the Pilonidal Cyst:

As we all know laser surgery is the procedure in which the surgeon will not use any surgical tool but instead use a special beam of light that can cut through the tissue easily. The medical practitioners are using this technique for various health issues where they can use it to make an incision or cut the tissue or break down the skin layer. There are so many benefits of using this technology & its impact has been very strong when compared to the traditional method of surgery.

Now, if you are thinking about how a laser beam can help you get rid of this cyst, I must tell you that it’s the best option if you want to remove it permanently. Your surgeon will use a laser beam that can easily remove the abscess, debris, and dead tissue inside the cyst and remove the pilonidal sinus. The cavity is cleaned because it will help the beam to pass into the sinus easily and damage the whole tract. You don’t even need a flap or anything else to cover the wound because it will be small in size.

Not only this, but you can also add some more factors that contribute to the success of laser surgery.

No Pain: 

You might have heard the saying – No Pain No Gain, but in this case, it is not true. People who had laser surgery felt no pain during the procedure. They couldn’t feel anything & even after the surgery is done, there can be a little sensation in that area but not the pain you feel when a general surgeon cuts you open. You don’t have to take any pain killer or any other drug for it. So, we can say that it’s only gain but no pain.

No Stitch No Cut:

 As mentioned above, laser surgery is all about the beam of light that damages the tissue and removes it without any big incision. This directly indicates that you don’t need to stitch the wound or use any flap to cover that area. It will be a very small cut that can heal by itself without any particular post-operative protocol.

No Blood Loss: 

When we hear the word surgery, the very first thing that comes to our mind is excessive bleeding. Some people just avoid surgery because seeing blood makes them feel scared to death. However, laser surgery does not involve any bleeding & as the light beam contacts your skin it will directly damage the tissue and burn it leaving no trace of blood or anything else. In simple words, we can say it cauterizes the area without bursting the blood vessels. This is the reason why the patients are discharged on the same day of their surgery.

Little or No chance of Infection: 

As the surgery does not involve any incision or stitch or large open wound that is much more prone to infection, the patient is safe. There are very few cases when the patient has complained of infection after the laser surgery else there is no chance. Such cases are because some people do not follow the post-operative measures that can help them stay safe and heal quickly. Also, it is important to keep the wound clean as it will let you get back to your normal routine quickly.


Hence, we can say that laser surgery is the best option that can treat your recurrent pilonidal cyst and help you get rid of all that pain and inflammation. You must consult a top colorectal surgeon who is experienced enough to carry out this procedure smoothly. It will save your time, go for the appropriate course of treatment, reduce the cost of the surgery, fewer charges for the hospital stay, fewer postoperative measures, and less pain & stress. You can have the procedure done within a few hours and get your discharge the same day. So, find the top colorectal surgeon across your city, book an appointment & get the medical attention you need. You can trust these people to completely understand your problem & suggest you the best solution.