Plasmolifting is the procedure that is employed for regeneration of damaged cells all around the body. This procedure includes using the plasma-rich platelets that are extracted from the body of the patients, and hence there are zero chances of the patients experiencing any side effects after the procedure. 

The plasmolifting procedure includes using the plasma-rich platelets extracted from the patient’s blood. The extracted blood will be subjected to centrifugation and the purest form of PRP is obtained by the procedure with the help of the PRP tubes. You can buy PRP tubes as required for the procedure by visiting Dr. RenatAkhmenrov’sPlasmolifting Technologies. 

Types of Plasmolifting 

Based on the medicinal fields that they are employed in, the plasmolifting procedure is differentiated into many kinds. The basic idea of this technique is the healing of the damaged cells in any body part, which then triggers the healthy functioning of the tissues, organs, and then organ systems. 

The therapeutic factors that are noticed in the blood plasma have led to the development of many treatment kinds with the help of PRP. The medicinal benefits of the plasmolifting technique are employed in many fields such as trichology, urology, orthopedics, gynecology, dentistry, aesthetic medicine, etc., and many other fields. 

Plasmolifting is entirely different from plasmapheresis 

The Plasmolifting technique involves the extraction of the patient’s blood to isolate the plasma-rich platelets for the procedure. However, in case of plasmapheresis, the blood from the donor’s body is required for the extraction and also the transfusion of plasma to the patients’ body. 

The Plasmolifting technique is not accompanied by any kind of side effects, unlike the changes in the plasmapheresis technique. 

Difference between PRP and plasmolifting 

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is extracted from the body of the patients for medicinal purposes. The procedure of using this extraction for medical purposes is known as plasmolifting treatment. 

Cell mutations from Plasmolifting 

No such registries are made where the plasmolifting technique has resulted in the cell mutation and caused the development of cancerous cells. The platelet-derived growth of cells will be non-carcinogenic, and hence there are no cell mutations in this case. 

Plasmolifting technique 

This procedure mainly focuses on triggering healthy cell production in any region of the body. The damaged cells that are found in any body part will be replaced with healthy cells because of the PRP injections to that particular body part. This is a minimally invasive procedure and you need not worry about losing some of your working days, unlike the other cosmetic procedures. 

The platelet-rich plasma that is employed for the procedure will be from the patient’s body. Since the source of the treatment is from the same homeostasis, the effects of the treatment will be accepted by the body without any chances of possible side effects or the body rejecting the PRP. 

Almost all cosmetic medical treatments are using PRP for many purposes. This is a minimally invasive, budget-friendly, and also the most-preferred treatment by many people. It is employed in the regeneration of healthy skin cells, excellent maintenance of dental health, and so on.