If there are big gaps inside your mouth because of missing teeth, you may want to consider getting dental implants to replace them. A dentist that provides comprehensive Powell, TN dental services may suggest dental implants if you are struggling with the way your smile looks, chew, or speak. Although there are many other tooth replacement options available, dental implants can work well for you if you don’t want traditional dentures or cannot get dental bridges. 

A dental implant does more for you than improve your smile. If you know the benefits of getting dental implants, you will want to see a dentist and discuss your implant options. Below are reasons you may want to get dental implants to replace your missing teeth:

Improved Oral Health

After losing a tooth, your jawbone can deteriorate without the additional support given by the root of the missing tooth. You may experience difficulty with everyday functions like biting and chewing, which affect your dietary needs. When you fill in the gaps, your jawbone can stay healthy, and you can eat your favorite food without issues. 

Improved Smile

Because of missing teeth, you may want to just close your lips to hide your flawed smile. Also, you may not be able to speak clearly, which can result in embarrassment and isolation. A dental implant is fitted with a crown that matches the look of your natural tooth, letting you smile and speak with confidence. 


The majority of tooth replacement options, such as dentures and bridges, must be replaced within a few years. Sometimes, you may have to see your dentist sooner or more frequently for adjustments. But dental implants are made to last several decades and seldom require replacing. As long as you maintain good oral hygiene, your implants will last for up to three decades.

A dental implant has three components. It has a titanium post screwed into your jawbone below your gum line. Also, it comes with an abutment attached to the titanium post. The last piece is a dental crown that serves as an artificial tooth. The process involved in securing these parts can take several months since the post is allowed some time to naturally fuse with your jawbone. This is essential as your post will function like the root of your missing tooth. It will then stimulate the jawbone, letting it continue to grow and become stronger. But depending on your chosen implant, some steps in the implant procedure can be combined in a single appointment or skipped.