Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting project, and while you may have aesthetics on your mind, it is just as relevant to focus on function and practicality. Just like you wouldn’t want to compromise on the flooring material, you shouldn’t take the choice of countertop materials for granted, either. Besides granite, the next most popular option for counters is marble. You can check comptoir marbre Casa Granite designs in Quebec to find more ideas. In this post, we are discussing the pros and cons of marble countertops.

The advantages

  1. Nothing can match the beauty of marble kitchen countertops. Marble feels luxurious and has a charm that’s hard to match, even when compared to granite. The veining is often the most interesting feature to many customers.
  2. Marble adds value to your property. If you are investing in your home intending to recover the money at the time of sale, you are most likely to benefit from natural stones like marble and granite.
  3. Marble is a naturally cool stone, which means it is excellent for countertops and creating solid bases. However, it is not like granite when it comes to heat resistance, and therefore, you may need to place mats before you put hot pots.

The cons

  1. Marble is a porous stone, which means it will stain. If you are concerned about that aspect, you need to get the countertops sealed once every year.
  2. Marble countertops need maintenance. You need to consider hiring experts for the job, and if you think the upkeep costs, it is a more expensive option than granite.
  3. Much like granite, installing marble countertops requires considerable work, and overall, this is a pricey choice, especially when compared to quartz.

Should you install marble kitchen countertops?

The short answer is yes. A lot depends on your preferences, but aesthetics remain the foremost reason to consider the material. On the contrary, if you don’t wish to spend on maintenance of countertops and want something that can endure the heavy work, the best alternative is granite. You can also think of quartz, which is manmade but doesn’t have similar concerns.

Final word

You can check marble kitchen countertops, discuss the price and other details, and take a call. Always consider the cost of installation, too, and because you must spend on upkeep, the long-term expenses are also worth including in the budget. Consider the functionality of your kitchen to make a choice.