Are you and your dog ready for a little escape? Finding dog-friendly cottages can be challenging, but rest assured – we’ve got your back. Between perfecting the packing list to finding dog-safe activities, this guide will help you find the best cottage for both you and your pup.

Where to Start Looking for Dog Friendly Cottages

The first step when looking for dog friendly accommodations is to look up dog friendly listings. A great place to start is websites or apps such as Staycotswold that specialize in pet travel. You can easily filter out which places accept dogs, so you don’t waste any time looking through dog-free establishments.

Questions to Ask Before Booking

Once you’ve found a dog friendly cottage that looks like it might be a good fit, there are some questions you should consider asking the owner or manager before booking:

– Is there an extra fee for dogs?

– Are there any size restrictions on dogs?

– What dog walking facilities are available nearby?

– Are there any dog rules and regulations to consider when staying in the cottage (i.e. no barking)?

What to Bring with You

When packing for your dog friendly getaway, it’s important to bring everything your pup needs for their stay. This includes dog beds, dog bowls, dog toys, and of course dog treats! Don’t forget to bring your pup’s regular food as well. Also be sure to review the vet records for both yourself and your dog – some cottages may require proof of vaccinations before you can stay.

Consider Your Dog’s Needs

When picking a dog friendly cottage, it’s always important to consider your dog’s needs first. If they are older or have any physical limitations, make sure there are no steep stairs in the property that could cause difficulty. If they have an eager personality, look for places where they will have plenty of room to play and explore. And if your dog loves playing with other canine pals, look for dog friendly cottages that offer dog-sitting or dog-walking services.

Staycotswold – The Perfect Dog Friendly Cottage

When it comes to choosing the perfect dog friendly cottage, Staycotswold is a top pick. With a wide range of dog friendly cottages located in beautiful Cotswolds countryside, there’s something here for everyone. All properties are equipped with everything you need for your stay – from dog beds and bowls to toys and treats. What’s more, all Staycotswold cottages come with their own dedicated dog care team who will do all they can to make sure you and your pup have an enjoyable stay. So if you’re looking for a dog friendly getaway, look no further than Staycotswold.


Finding the perfect dog friendly cottage is easier than it may seem. With the right know-how and tips, you can be sure to pick an accommodation that will make your dog feel at home. And with so many dog friendly cottages across the Cotswolds, Staycotswold should undoubtedly be your first choice. So don’t wait – start planning that dog-friendly escape today!