Dental implants must be considered if you have one or more missing teeth. Implants provide long- and short-term advantages they are not the only choice. Your cosmetic dentist in Manhattan will explain the benefits and expenses of dental implant treatment for your oral condition. 

Reasons why dental implants are the best option. 

  • Dental implants imitate natural teeth in their form.

One point barely does this issue justice. It is a significant benefit. Once the procedure completes, the result will be visually similar to your prior teeth and appear completely natural. In contrast to metal implants, ceramic implants are considered more aesthetically suitable since they are ivory in color, like a natural tooth root.

  • They have a natural toothlike feeling.

You may stop worrying about dental implants since they perform like a natural tooth. The care and upkeep of implant teeth are similar to that of natural teeth. You must clean and floss them daily, but unlike dentures, you will not have to use specialized lotions and adhesives or immerse them in water all night. 

  • They have a long lifespan, often.

Dental implants have a success rate of 98% and unmatched strength due to how they function, uniting with your jawbone. There is a good chance that your implant will last for a lifetime if you practice proper oral care and schedule regular dental checkups after the treatment.

  • Implants are economical when seen as a permanent therapy.

A common assumption is that dental implants are more expensive than other remedies, and this is frequently accurate in terms of the upfront expense. However, that does not present the whole picture. Since a dental implant will probably last a lifetime, its yearly expense may be less than that for other treatments that may eventually need to be repaired or fixed.

  • Your quality of life will not change—in reality, it could even get improved!

Your dental implant will not stop you from eating anything, but as your dentist, it is advised to follow an appropriate diet and cut out sweets. Because implant teeth will never slide or shift, unlike removable options, which often do, you may eat, speak, and smile with perfect confidence.

  • They can stop the degeneration of bones.

If the tooth is not replaced, bone loss will inevitably follow tooth loss. Dental implants, which fuse to the jawbone and stabilize it, can help promote bone to grow while preserving its health, in contrast to other replacement options. You might be asking why it is necessary to prevent the degeneration of the bones. It helps preserve the durability of the jaw and gums, reducing the risk of cracks and other oral health issues arising and impacting the rest of the mouth.