Starting in 2008, we have seen many outstanding performances by batters, bowlers and fielders. Still, we can never underestimate the importance of the contribution that the wicket keepers have produced over these years. They create some of the best moments behind the stumps and also with their batting abilities in different batting positions.

Many great wicketkeeper batters have played in this tournament, like Kumar Sangakara, Mark Boucher, Brandon McCullum, Adam Gilchrist, Sanju Samson, Risabh Pant, Jos Buttler and many more. Many of them have captained their sides in various matches or for whole seasons. Their contribution to making the IPL successful is unforgettable.

But we have seen many players in this category over the years, but only some of them stood apart from the crowd. We are making this list by including players who stood above the rest and marked their presence all time and to date in every cricket fan’s mind as per BCCI news domestic cricket.

  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The name Mahendra Singh Dhoni did not need any introduction in the whole cricket fraternity. Under his captaincy, team India won their 2011 World Cup and Chennai Supers Kings in IPL 4 times. MSD can easily be considered one of world cricket’s most prolific and successful wicketkeeper batters. His IPL records also tell the same story.

From 190 IPL matches that he played, he dismissed batters 146 times by standing behind the stumps, which is still the highest in IPL.

MSD is not just a good wicketkeeper or a captain but also the best finisher in the world of cricket to date. His finishing effort at the 2011 World Cup final is still remembered by all. With his batting abilities, he helped both India and CSK to win in various tough matches.

  1. Dinesh Karthik

Captained IPL winning team two times, Kolkata Knight Riders for three seasons, Dinesh Karthik is a well-known personality in the cricket circuit. He did not achieve much success for team India, but his IPL records are stellar.

Dinesh Karthik has been involved in 139 dismissals from behind the stumps right after MSD. He also has a good ability with a bat in hand, which help the teams on several occasions. Recently, he had expertise in his finishing skills, so he again achieved his spot in the team India squad. Recently he has been playing for the RCB team and becoming a vital unit member.

  1. Robin Uthappa

Another ex-KKR player and a former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, Robin Uthappa, can be considered significant regarding IPL. Uthappa has never been a regular wicketkeeper for any team, but still, he manages to feature within this list.

To date, he played 177 IPL matches in which he was able to dismiss batters 116 times. Uthappa is a brilliant top-order batsman, also. To date, he scored 4411 runs, and his best performance came while playing for the KKR team, where he also secured “Orange Cap” for achieving the most number of runs in that season. From the 2020 season of IPL, he is with the CSK team, but he could not deliver the same performances as before.

  1. Parthiv Patel

He was among few players who played from the inaugural season of IPL. He played for various franchises in his long IPL career, mainly as a top-order wicketkeeper-batsman. He dismissed batters 85 times from behind the stumps in his long career.

He played over 120 matches in his entire IPL career and scored 2848 runs, mainly as an opener. He was never that successful in team India, but his IPL career has given him the required limelight in the last part of his career.

After he retired from IPL also, he was appointed as a scouting member in Mumbai Indians, but now he is mainly seen as an expert commentator for the IPL matches.

  1. Naman Ojha

He was another great talent from the IPL but never got the chance to showcase his talent worldwide because of many greats in the Indian team at that time like MS Dhoni, Dinesh Karthik and even Parthiv Patel. He remained an IPL specialist in his entire career.

In his entire IPL career, he played for several franchises but never used to get the chance to play regularly in every match. But still, he managed to make 75 dismissals, among which 10 were stumpings. Naman Ojha remained a very underrated talent through his IPL career and had never gotten enough chances to show his skill with both bat and wicketkeeping. Now he announced his retirement from all forms of cricket.

  1. Wriddhiman Saha

India’s tests specialist, Wriddhiman Saha, has a decent record when it comes to the IPL. He started his IPL career on the KKR team, and after that, he moved to several other teams. To date, he has played 120 matches in IPL, where he dismissed 69 batters in total.

Saha is a very handy and hard-hitting batsman at the top of the order, and in his entire IPL career, he scored 1765 runs. But he has never been in the limelight because of many other greats playing in the IPL.

  1. Adam Gilchrist

The most underrated IPL-winning captain in the history of the IPL, Adam Gilchrist, was a true legend when it comes to the wicketkeeper-batsman category worldwide. He was the most hard-hitting batsman at the top order during his time.

He started his IPL journey with the Deccan Chargers teams and led them to win their IPL trophy, and he ended his career with the Punjab Kings (then Kings Eleven Punjab). In his entire IPL career, which was not that long, he made 51 dismissals. After his international retirement, he joined the IPL tournament and played for a few seasons. Within those few seasons, he made that mark for himself, making him a true legend.

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