Local gun shops do not always have what you are looking for. If in case they do, it’s pricey (way off your budget). This is where gun auction sites come in. You can track down the item you want and get a great deal for it.

Like with any purchases online, you need to ensure you buy from a safe, trustworthy site. This is truer with guns since they are pricier with a lot of laws involved in their sale.

These gun auction sites facilitate private sales. They ensure that both buyers and sellers are protected. They offer fewer common items with good deals.

  1. GunBroker. GunBroker is the largest gun auction site. It is eBay for firearms. You can find good deals and rare items here. There are also some items that you can straight up buy (“Buy Now” option). The Buy Now price is generally higher than the starting bid. There is also the “Take a Shot” option, where you can offer a price that the seller can decide to take or not. Like eBay, GunBroker only hosts sales; they are not selling the item themselves. They do not verify the items, the sellers, or the buyers.
  2. Morphy Auctions. Morphy Auction is a more traditional auction house. They sell all kinds of antiques, not just firearms. They host four firearm-specific auctions a year. These take place during the spring and fall and feature rare and high-end weapons valued at $2,500 and up. Their Field and Range Auctions happen in the winter and fall. They sell weapons for between $500 and $3,000 at this time. Rare and unusual firearms are in good condition, but you can only buy them during their auction schedule. There is no advanced bidding.
  3. Rock Island Auctions. Rock Island Auctions is also a traditional auction house for firearms and related items. They sell bladed weapons and military equipment. They are very well-established in the industry and have sold some of the highest-priced guns ever. They host up to seven online auctions only annually, where you will find lower-cost items. Rarer items can be found at their three Premier Auctions per year.
  4. GunsAmerica. GunsAmerica has both auction and regular classified listings. They have items of all prices and host local and national sales. An advantage of GunsAmerica is the ability to save a search. You can easily check back to see what’s available. Most of the sellers are gun shops or other licensed dealers. Individual sellers are also allowed. Like GunBroker, these are private sales, so beware of scammers, especially from non-dealers.
  5. Blackwell Auctions. Calling all Firearm Auctioneers in St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Bay, and Sarasota, Florida: Do you have a gun, you never used, a war relic handed down, or just want to liquidate? Antique, vintage, and new, you can buy or sell them all!

Blackwell Auctions’ common goal with their consignors: obtain the highest possible price. They will work hard to ensure your items get the greatest exposure so they can bring maximum prices. Blackwell Auctions uses five online auction sites to list your firearm: Live Auctioneers, Invaluable, Bidsquare, HiBid, and Proxibid. Buyers can also phone bid and leave absentee bids.

If you are interested in finding out more about firearm consigning or selling to Blackwell Auctions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them at 727.546.0200 or complete the form on this page https://blackwellauctions.com/sell-your-firearms/