Check out the various tools used by professional traffic agencies to control traffic on site, roads, construction sites, near company path, event site etc… It is essential that you take some knowledge on the tools used by these professionals so that you can abide by the same. Our article consists of the top common traffic tools used by these experienced traffic controllers. They undergo rigorous training to use these tools at the right location so that people are directed and accidents can be prevented.

Amidst the various tools, let’s discuss some of the most commonly used traffic control tools as shared by experts at Salus Traffic Control.

5 Most common traffic control tools used by professional traffic control agencies:

  1. Bollards:

Traffic bollards play a vital role in traffic control systems. These signs help prevent accidents and injuries to people as well as property and vehicles. These signs also prevent rash driving and maintain speed limits to prevent intentional crashes due to negligence. Bollards can be divided into three categories collapsible, fixed, and removable posts. Removable bollards are temporary signs. Similarly, collapsible also offer you temporary solutions on site.

  1. Road signboards:

Another important traffic control tool is the road sign. These signs play a critical role in diverting vehicles, indicating the drivers, and maintaining speed limits. The signs may include information such as merging point, turn options, diversion ahead, roundabout, etc… Road signs can be of various types such as caution signs, informatory signs, and regulatory signs.

  1. Road marks:

These markings are generally found on roads, tracks, and the sides of the roads. Road markings may include patterns, symbols, reflectors, words, etc… These signs usually indicate physical hazards, obstacles, road blocks, etc… Road markings also indicate some sort of warning labels about hazardous situations ahead.

  1. Traffic signals:

Traffic signals also help in attracting attention and expect immediate response. These indicate drivers to slowdown, stop, or go ahead in the right direction. We all are aware of the yellow, red, and green indicators of the traffic lights. These signals are usually used on main roads for proper traffic flow and maintenance.

  1. Variable signs:

Variable signs are often used on freeways, work zones, and other events where traffic is usually high. These signs are also referred to as VMS (Variable Message Signs). Variable signs are usually approved and set by professional traffic control agencies such as Salus Traffic Control.