Any company or residence requires the greatest flooring that looks attractive and is also durable. You’ll need an epoxy coating to do this—this is the sort of surface that may last for many years and requires little upkeep.

Industry-grade epoxy floors are popular because they are tough, aesthetically pleasing, and have many options, including anti-slip coatings. It can withstand dirt, oils, as well as chemicals. However, there have been some misconceptions concerning epoxy floor coatings.

Let’s look at these myths and see how they may help you save time and money.

Myth 1 Professionally applied garage floor coatings are pretty expensive

There are quite a lot of construction firms out there, but not all of them you can trust. When you start looking for a contractor to handle your garage flooring, you may come across pricing as high as $13 per square foot of epoxy coating, which is more than twice the amount you should pay. You shouldn’t have to spend more than $6 per square foot for a standard-sized garage with a sound concrete floor. Well, this isn’t exactly cheap, but the durability and the quality you’ll get in the end make it worthwhile.

Myth 2 Professional Garage Floor Coatings are just as excellent as buying a do-it-yourself kit

To start with, the epoxy kits sold at big-box retailers aren’t all awful, and you might be able to perform a good job if the area you wish to cover is quite modest. However, when it comes to a larger work, like your garage, you should hire a specialist; not only will they use higher-quality epoxy garage floor coating, but they will also ensure higher-quality outcomes since they have the necessary knowledge.

Myth 3 Painting will suffice because epoxy is similar to paint

Epoxy garage floor coating and paint are vastly different. The end product is considerably more attractive with epoxy; it is also much more robust as well as resistant to wear and tear, which means you will save money over time since you will have to re-paint several times with paint.

Myth 4 What needs to be done before applying epoxy is to clean and mop the garage floor

To prepare a concrete floor for an epoxy garage floor coating, a professional must remove loose cement paste as well as contaminants, including the opening of the concrete pores such that the coating bonds flawlessly with the surface; this is accomplished by gearing up the floor to a “surface profile 2” or higher.

Myth 5 Epoxy garage floor coating must be reapplied every few years

This final misconception will only be true if your epoxy garage floor coating is not high-quality and is not done professionally. Epoxy can last up to 15 years, not one or two. It is a hardening agent that is not subject to repairs for a long time after application.

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