To extend the lifespan of your roof, it is extremely important to keep it clean and in the best health. But do you think your cleaning methods and products will be equally effective and helpful? You might know the best roof cleaning processes and the products but it is also equally important to know about the cleaning methods that you should avoid. So here we are helping you out with a detailed knowledge on the same with our guide.

What is the importance of roof cleaning?

How would you know if roof cleaning is safe? If not done correctly, roof cleaning can do more harm than benefits to your roof. This mostly happens when the wrong processes and products are chosen. There are multiple cleaning solutions available for you to pick and choose and when done rightly, these are the benefits that one receives.

  • Better appearance of the roof
  • Longer lifespan of the roof materials
  • Reduced chances of molds and decay
  • Increase in the property’s value

What cleaning products one should avoid?

There are majorly two ways to clean the roof: pressure washing and bleach method. Bleach is a very harsh cleaner in itself and can easily etch the roof surface, leaving it dull and damaged. The roof tiles will be prone to the growth of algae and moss in the future. But once the bleach runs off, it can be dangerous to the surroundings. On the other hand, pressure washing, if not done by professionals, can be a very wrong cleaning choice. The tiles will be made more porous and the water can cut through the sealants and underlayment. This will enhance more algae and moss growth in the future. Also, there are major safety threats if you try to pressure wash your roof yourself.

What is the best solution?

There are designated roof cleaners that are natural and are less harmful. They can be used for soft washing the roof and are an excellent degreaser. When they leach out, they do not harm the adjoining landscapes, home exterior, or any living being outside. It also greatly improves the life span of the roof.

When you hire a professional like Zachs roof and gutter cleaning services, you get all the benefits ranging from inspection, cleaning, to application of the right the cleansing agents. They also give you guaranteed treatment to turn your roof new.