By having a family dentist to service you, you are not only getting a clean and healthy mouth but also a dental team with whom you can build a long-term relationship. A family dentist in Ontario will provide many services to keep your mouth healthy and feeling your best. 

Here is a list of some common services offered by family dentists in Burlington, Ontario:

  • Cleanings

A family dentist will take care of all the teeth cleaning needs of your family, whether that means annual check-ups for adults or even more routine cleanings for younger members of the family. In fact, most family dentists recommend that you visit them at least once a year for a cleaning. This is because your mouth tends to develop bacteria and plaque that is difficult to get rid of on its own. However, regular dental cleanings will remove this plaque and prevent it from turning into a more serious issue. 

  • Cavity fillings

If you have a family dentist in Burlington, you will always be in good hands when it comes to fixing teeth that may have cavities. Family dentists have the skills, experience, and knowledge to fill cavities quickly and effectively. As your family dentist, they can even provide you with ways to prevent cavities from forming in the first place. 

  • Cosmetic services

Family dentists can provide you with cosmetic services, such as whitening, bonding, and clear braces. These procedures are meant to re-balance your smile by keeping your teeth looking healthy and clean. In fact, many people say that these treatments have completely changed their self-confidence from being embarrassed to smiling throughout the day. 

  • Preventative services

Having a family dentist in Burlington will give you the chance to take preventative measures for your mouth, such as exams and x-rays. This is because these procedures can help catch issues before they become too serious. In fact, most family dentists recommend that you have routine cleanings done at least once a year. 

  • Gum disease treatment

If you are experiencing problems with your gums, a family dentist will be able to help. If you have gum disease, this means that your gums have bacteria on them, which has caused them to swell and bleed. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Your family dentists can help get rid of the bacteria causing the issues, as well as inform you of ways to prevent this from happening again in the future.