Drinking too much alcohol can cause several health-related ailments in an average human being. This is especially true regarding people with excessive drinking habits, to the extent that they cannot start their day without gulping down a glass of alcohol. However, there are potential risks associated with being addicted to alcohol that can range from disrupted work lives to severe health hazards. This article sheds light on the short- and long-term risks that can occur due to increased consumption of alcohol and other substances.

1. Short-term risks

Alcohol consumption can indeed impact your health in many ways that may not be favorable to you. The immediate problems caused by uncontrolled usage of alcohol include:

  • Injuries, including those from car crashes and heavy burns, owing to a lack of care while driving.
  • Tendency to act violently and destroy articles.
  • Suicidal thoughts and other pessimistic ideas
  • chances of fostering sexual assault and causing harm to other human beings
  • High blood alcohol levels can harm your bloodstream.
  • Sexual behaviors that are unsafe to practice include unprotected sex, which often results in the transmission of STDs like HIV.
  • Miscarriage in females can also be considered a short-term risk of being obsessed with alcohol.

2. Long-term risks

Sometimes, the impact of excessive alcohol usage kicks in in a later part of your life when you may least expect it. Here are some of the far-fetched risks of using alcohol as an indispensable liquid.

  • Cancer is the most common malady that can be attributed to a profuse consumption of alcohol in one’s daily life. It is essential to note that cancer can occur in any part of the body, including the breast, liver, mouth, throat, etc.
  • A person under treatment for cardiovascular disease who consumes alcohol can die at any moment, as sudden death is one of the long-term risks associated with alcohol and other hazardous substances.
  • Chances are also high that a person consuming alcohol in excessive amounts will encounter heart failure. Well, brain damage and stroke are also prolonged side effects of alcohol consumption. Issues related to alcohol withdrawal also arise in the long run.