With a huge variety of window covering options, choosing the best one can be difficult sometimes. When it comes to choosing between shutter and blinds, you might get confused. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you out by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of both window solutions so that you can make the right decision So, let’s get started;

Pros and Cons Of Having Shutters And Blinds

One can only differentiate blinds from shutters by their structure. Shutters are permanently fixed to the window ides using metal fittings. Blinds, on the other hand, are only fixed to the window top. Both options offer a unique set of pros and cons. Many homeowners consider shutters more attractive and durable. However, blinds can only be aesthetically pleasing because of being available in wider options. While each offers its own merits and demerits, you’ll have to decide which one would better suit your space. Let’s continue reading to know the pros and cons of each type;



  • Low maintenance
  • Look wise, shutters are unique and add extra value to your space
  • As each section requires a separate operation, it gives excellent ventilation and light control
  • Hard-wearing
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Available in so many materials including PVC, wood, and faux wood
  • Shutters can serve as excellent insulators
  • They are considered to be very child safe because of no chains or cords
  • Attractive and suited to any interior


  • As compared to blinds, shutters are a much more expensive window covering option
  • Shutters are not suitable everywhere because of being heavier
  • Unlike blinds, shutters take up more window space because they need to be fitted to the frame of the window
  • Require much time for installation



  • Blinds are more aesthetically pleasing than shutters
  • They are available in an exclusive range of designs, styles, and colors to match every decor
  • Your home can get benefited from insulation and blackout blind options
  • Blinds are majority made from quality and hard-wearing materials
  • You can adjust your blinds to get various levels of shade and light
  • Budget-friendly


  • As compared to shutters, blinds are much less robust
  • Some blinds’ fabrics can become damaged from excessive exposure to moisture or sunlight
  • Require more effort for cleaning and maintenance than shutters
  • As blinds are not long-lasting, so you may need to replace them more frequently

When choosing between these two window solutions, there is no right or wrong answer. The final decision, should be course, yours! If you need something to be a more aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly, blinds are the way you should go for. And if you want a timeless option that can complement every décor, shutters would be the ideal choice! No matter which window covering you have chosen, a high-quality product will end you up with a better, long-lasting result.

So, this is all about shutters and blinds. Did you find this guide informative? If so, share your comments with us!