With all the attractions in Dubai, for the best one, you have to head out a little out of the city for a fun-filled evening with dance and food that allows you to have fun under the starry night. However, a lot of you will have to think about what a safari comprises and how fun can it be. That is why we are here. Find a Budget-Friendly Dubai Desert Safari and book it. 

When booking a safari it will start from somewhere in Dubai according to the company you book your tour with. There will be a large tour bus or a car according to your booking type and people accompanying you that will take you 20 miles away to the desert. The place already has a lot of amps set up used by specific companies, the dunes might prevent you from seeing the neighbouring camp.

You will be taken by huge cars that have a lot of upgrades that make them fly like air over the sand and these are the ones that will take you on the wild ride to your camps.

Camel Rides & Quad Bikes

As soon as you get to the camp the activities start and the first thing to do is the camel ride. While both of these aren’t cheap, they are fun. Quad bikes are a popular sport and people do ride them across the dunes for fun.


Once you make it back to the camps, probably the team will have the buffet already set up. You will be treated in the luxurious style slowly and the full course will come near the third or fourth dance. Drinks are not included and will be charged separately. You can also skydivie in Dubai in the desert if adrenaline-rush activities are your thing.


The evenings are filled with dances and they are by far the biggest attraction of this safari. There are multiple types of dances in multiple costumes that will allow you to have a great time at this safari along with great food.

How can you book?

You can either book a safari online with all the options to choose from. Apart from booking online, you can book it locally with the help of a travel agency or a company that deals in Safaris.