The United States economy and also the resulting weakness from the dollar appears like this could lead towards the cost of oil ongoing to increase as investors happen to be holding the commodity rather of dollars. Which means that as the price of a barrel of oil compares to the $100 figure then so fuel prices also have ongoing to increase.

So greater fuel costs mean we will probably buy or use cars, vans and Lorries less in 2008? Well apparently not with different latest poll of motorists. Despite fuel prices growing at alarming rates an astonishing 79 percent of motorists asked stated they’d not altered their gas and fuel buying habits coupled with no plans to do this. Actually the motorists asked stated gas prices would need to increase at much more alarming rates to prevent them from filling.

Ecological issues wouldn’t it appear ‘t be as essential as governments around the world as over one in three motorists confirmed they’d no intends to replace their vehicles for additional eco-friendly cars before 2010.

And thus if motorists are apparently unaffected by rising fuel costs and are ready to continue driving despite elevated road tax and also the effect on the atmosphere surely positive occasions are ahead for that industry in 2008?

Prior to vehicle manufacturers and dealers start doing cartwheels, caution would likely be advised as although Vehicle can seen promising performance in emerging markets they’ve seen big losses both in American and European markets.

Along with the world economy such an uncertain condition as 2007 draws to some close 2008 may see new vehicle sales fall with used vehicle sales growing. Vehicle sales and even sales of all will also be prone to increase online in 2008 so vehicle dealers (used and new) with no internet presence should certainly be searching at creating themselves within this emerging marketplace.

And just what of the particular motorist, exactly what does 2008 have available for all of us? Well what about further increases in vehicle tax, more toll roads, elevated congestion charges but still a seeming insufficient an affordable solution to road use through reliable, neat and safe trains and buses.

What’s promising for many motorists is the fact that on a single front although the federal government is apparently do all they are able to to penalise the motorist by growing the price of really fuelling and driving our vehicles, insurance costs including vehicle insurance, van insurance and motor trade insurance are pretty stable. Actually with your competition within the insurance industry the price of insurance like combined motor trade insurance may even fall and savings might be made.