Hear mysterious rustling in the night coming from the attic? It could be nothing, just a figment of your imagination. Or it could be an opportunistic raccoon making your attic its home! Human homes are a favorite intrusion of these animals. However, they’re not always a welcome guest.

As a homeowner in the suburbs or rural zones, it’s important to understand raccoons and their potential intrusion. Knowing the motives, timing, and potential solutions can ensure a harmonious coexistence with nature!

Why Do Raccoons Seek Shelter in Homes?

While tempting to believe, raccoons are not really interested in prime real estate! Your home provides the warmth, comfort, and safety necessary for a raccoon to continue their opportunistic ways.

Shelter from Harsh Weather

Raccoons seek refuge indoors, especially during extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s the biting cold of winter or scorching heat in summer, your cozy attic or crawlspace becomes an appealing haven.

Safe Birthing Sites

This is a major catalyst for these creatures seeking a comfortable home. Female raccoons often look for secure places to give birth and raise their young. Your attic or unused spaces offer a protected environment, virtually free from the typical wild predator.

Easy Access to Food

Residential areas are abundant in potential food sources. Raccoons, being skilled foragers, might venture indoors in search of readily available meals. Improperly stored garbage is a favourite, easy to get into, easy to forage through, and easy to transport to young!

Which Months Is This Most Common?

The frequency of raccoons entering homes can vary, but certain months witness heightened activity…

Spring and Early Summer

During these months, female raccoons may look for safe and secluded spots to give birth. Your attic or chimney might seem like an ideal nursery for their offspring.

Late Fall

As temperatures drop, raccoons seek warm spots to hibernate. Your home, with its cozy spaces, becomes an attractive option.

Preventing Raccoon Intrusions

Secure Potential Entry Points

Conduct regular inspections of your home’s exterior and roof to identify and seal any openings that raccoons could exploit.

Proper Garbage Management

A well-sealed bin reduces the likelihood of them scavenging for food around your property.

Professional Assistance

If raccoons have made an appearance, it’s best to deal with them swiftly. Capital Wildlife Control Raccoon removal is the best solution! These wildlife experts possess in-depth knowledge of not only the animal in question, but also the best way to trap, capture, and release them in the wild.

So, the next time you spot a raccoon, call the experts and secure your home!