Although you may not initially feel wounded, you must get immediate medical care after a car accident in Washington. Visit a doctor, whether at your family physician’s office or an accident and emergency center. It is very uncommon for the immediate shock of an accident to conceal pain or bodily harm until many days later. In other instances, injury victims are humiliated or guilt-tripped for being part of an accident, and they refuse to get care. However, it is often not their fault, and they should quickly take steps to care for their injuries as a result of an accident.

Delaying treatment might give rise to several other problems.

Delayed therapy and medical attention after an accident will certainly result in a worse or slower recovery. Some insurance providers will use the late treatment against you to defend your injury claim. The insurance company would maintain that you wouldn’t have been seriously wounded since you did not require medical attention immediately following the accident. Because back and neck injuries or other ailments are not immediately determined. 

These injuries are frequently misdiagnosed as “soft tissue” injuries at first. However, if therapy does not relieve the damage, you may perform an MRI or CT scan to detect a more significant disc injury. Delaying inspection and treatment may fuel the insurance agency to claim that something other than the accident led to your injury. 

One should insist on a thorough checkup, including X-rays, MRIs, and other internal checks. Expect anti-inflammatories and pain relievers to offer you some instant relief from your injuries, which may include muscular strains, pulling, or concussions.

Follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor or chiropractor. Seek legal counsel to see if you are entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain.

Maintain proper records of all accident injuries, treatments, and complications. With time, we typically forget facts. That’s why you should write down your facts and give them to your lawyer so they can properly convey what happened in the crash to the insurer. It is expected that the data in your diary and the doctor’s reports would assist the attorney in establishing the causal association between the accident and your injury.

Timely medical care and recovery efforts will always be more beneficial for you than ignoring your injury from a car accident or other damage.